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11 Ways To Score Marks

Do you want to get good marks like your friends? So see, we have brought for you some such ways by which you can also bring good marks.

As we all know that there is full pressure of home and teachers to bring good marks on the children.

But children do not know the way that what should they do so that their marks also become good, so we have taken some such ways by which your marks will also become good.

1. Choose your learning style

“Different children study in different ways because everyone has their own level.

So first of all you do not have to choose in which way you have to study, in which you are comfortable”

2. Find place with out distraction

“As we all know that concentration is very important for reading.

For this you have to choose a quiet place where you can read comfortably without any interference”

3. Use Technology

“In the age of technology, children benefit a lot, they can know whatever information they want immediately.

By using this you have to clear all your doubts so that everything is understandable to you”

4. Ask questions from your teachers

“Most of the children are hesitant to ask questions to their teacher and are shy that everyone should not make fun of them.

But there is nothing like this, you have to be absolutely sure and ask all the questions, it is your advantage”

5. Motivate yourself

“It is very important for you to prepare yourself to study

You have to motivate yourself before anyone else, no one else will support you until you try to take the first step”

6. Make & follow routine

“To get good marks, you have to set your own daily routine and do all the work on time based on that.

If you are in school or college then it is natural to change but at home you have to follow the same”

7. Do not stress too much, do whatever the subject understands

“Never put too much burden on yourself, if you do not understand a topic or subject, then do not put too much emphasis. Till then read some other subject which you understand.”

8. Do smart work not hard work

“In today’s time, there are many tools for reading which you can use, do not work too hard, work with your mind.

There are many sites and channels available from which you will get something to read comfortably”

9. Keep studying while weekends &holidays

“As soon as the holiday is over, children start roaming freely, they forget their studies but you do not have to do this.

You have to keep reading a little while on vacation so that you do not have to load much later”

10. Make Habit of writing

“It often happens that even after reading, children forget what they had read, so you should inculcate the habit of reading by writing.

By reading and writing, you will also remember and at the same time handwriting will also be good”

11. Makes proper & color notes

“To memorize well, you have to make good notes from the beginning so that you remember and do not have much problem at the time of revision.

By making notes, you will find it easier to read and you will be able to prepare everything well”

Vibhav pathak

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